Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Grim Kirby vs. Tropical Painforest - Split (Re​-​Issue) (Placenta Recordings #317 - 2015) OUT NOW! FREE DOWNLOAD!!!

Grim Kirby vs. Tropical Painforest - Split (Re​-​Issue) (Placenta Recordings #317 - 2015) OUT NOW! FREE DOWNLOAD!!!

2 of Salzburg, Austria's bizarre cut n' paste Breakcore makers of debauchery, Noise and Tropical House extremities come together on this official PR re-issue! Originally released on on a yellow cassette tape!

Robot Speaker - Error Pop (Placenta Recordings #316 - 2015) OUT NOW! FREE DOWNLOAD!

Robot Speaker - Error Pop (Placenta Recordings #314 - 2015)


Obscure Electronic & Post-Breakcore Pop from Tokyo, Japan's experimental frequency cyber-kill technician Takuma Ebisawa aka Robot Speaker. 

"Recording of body and machine music. It is a record of 2002-2015 at my home studio. Recorded at my home studio (amoebic sound laboratory)." - Takuma Ebisawa

All music crafted by Takuma Ebisawa in Tokyo, Japan.

Cover design by Jay Watson.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Seanni B - Mental Spaghetti Footwork Mix (Placenta Recordings #315 + #TeamSwoop 2015) OFFICIAL FREE DOWNLOAD!!!

Seanni B - Mental Spaghetti Footwork Mix (Placenta Recordings #315 + #TeamSwoop 2015)

"Sean Barry (AKA Seanni B of Dental Work, Placenta Recordings, and #TeamSwoop fame) prepared this mix for Mental Spaghetti Fest 2015." 

Jit that booty.

tags: #teamswoop #alternative #avantgarde #breakbeat #detroit #experimental #footwork #jit #juke #noise #placentarecordings #psychedelic #punk

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Bubblegum Octopus & Dental Work - My God Is The Cat King (Re-Issue) (Placenta Recordings #314 - 2015) OFFICIAL FREE DOWNLOAD!!!

Bubblegum Octopus & Dental Work - My God Is The Cat King (Re-Issue) (Placenta Recordings #314 - 2015)


"Originally released in 2010 on Placenta Recordings in a limited edition CD-R that came inside a slim DVD sleeve with a folded up full color 2 sided 11x17 poster. Released to coincide with the 2010 My God Is The Cat King tour. Limited to 200 copies now SOLD OUT/OOP! The first 30 or so copies had alternate mixes of Peace in Pious Pieces and Palace Graves and had only a small, one-sided insert."

"In 2010 I went on my first solo tour (the name of which I can not remember). A number of the shows were with Dental Work, so we pulled together tracks for a split. The original version was packaged in a DVD case with an ill-fitting print out of the artwork and liner notes. Later incarnations had different track-lists and better packaging." - Bubblegum Octopus

Cover art by Jay Watson.

Bubblegum Octopus is Matthew Morden

Dental Work on this release is Jay Watson

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Team Eastside D-Nice "100 Ball" Live @ Placenta Recordings 10 Year Anniversary Show @ Tangent Gallery - Detroit, MI 7-25-15

Team Eastside D-Nice performing the single "100 Ball" (from the album "Underdog" released on Placenta Recordings) live at Tangent Gallery in Detroit, MI on July 25th, 2015 for the Placenta Recordings 10 Year Anniversary Show/Mental Spaghetti Fest #6.Follow @teameastdnice on IG, FB, and Twitter...Follow @placentarecordings on IG, FB, Bandcamp, etc. 

Video shot/edited by Jay Watson/Placenta Recordings

More info on Team Eastside D-Nice and Placenta Recordings at:

Team Eastside D-Nice "Must Be Nice" and "Underdog" out now on  Placenta Recordings. 

"Must Be Nice" CD available here:

"Underdog" CD/Download available here:

Both albums also available on iTunes! Support!


Rejet - Dealeur de Mauvaises Textures (Placenta Recordings #313 - 2015)

Rejet - Dealeur de Mauvaises Textures (Placenta Recordings #313 - 2015)

Mysterious Harsh Noise Wall project from an unknown location in France///

1. I
2. II
3. III

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Rejet - La Somation (Placenta Recordings #312 - 2015) out now!!!

Rejet - La Somation (Placenta Recordings #312 - 2015)

Bizarre Experimental Harsh Noise/Musique Concrete from a mysterious act in France///

IN STOCK!!! Placenta Recordings "10 Years In The Game///Representing Worldwide" Rostov Logo T-Shirt!

IN STOCK!!! Placenta Recordings "10 Years In The Game///Representing Worldwide" Rostov Logo T-Shirt. 100% Cotton - Gildan Soft Style! Specify the size you want in the memo when you pay! We have Small, Medium, Large, and XL!


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Big Drum In The Sky Religion - Give The People What They Pray For (Placenta Recordings #311 - 2015) out now!!!

Big Drum In The Sky Religion - Give The People What They Pray For (Placenta Recordings #311 - 2015)

1. Martyr Of Reality
2. Zealotry In Motion
3. Immanuel Kunt
4. Ego Bongage, Up Yours!
5. Holy Water On The Elbow
6. Ictinike
7. If You Say 'God Is', You Are Wrong (If)
8. Because I'm Your Heavenly Father, That's Why
9. Dream Time Killing Floor
10. Tetched By God
11. Metaphorever
12. She's al-Dhat
13. Lost In Sacred Space Prayer In D


Cover Design by Jay Watson for Placenta Recordings 2015

Big Drum In The Sky Religion: 

Members: Constantly changing, shape-shifting, re-incarnating.... 
Genre: Shamaniimprovexperimenoisy(notNoise) with banjo 
Hometown: Harrisonburg, Virginia USA 

"…is a band, of sorts, loosely organized around founder and constant member Brown Hat, the Espresso Shaman. Other individuals may come and go, participating as much or as little as is good for them, in various ways. They may or may not have any religious beliefs. Pseudonyms help us maintain our anonymity. There is no set line-up and no specific instrumentation. The sound created is mostly improvisational and inevitably “experimental”, for lack of a better term, tending toward the long and noisy, all the better to disorient and spiritualize you with, my dears." 

Placenta Recordings:

Call Me On The Allophone, Death Factory, Dental Work, Hideous Replica, Insect Deli, Secret Means Of Escape - 'Atoner--It's Distracting' (CD-R) OUT NOW!

Call Me On The Allophone, Death Factory, Dental Work, Hideous Replica, Insect Deli, Secret Means Of Escape - 'Atoner--It's Distracting' (CD-R)

Organized by William Sides for Placenta Recordings

Mastered by Mark Shippy and William Sides on 7/20/15

Photo by Daniel Hintz

Placenta Recordings #310

Collection of Midwestern Experimental/Noise

CD-R edition of 60 copies available///

Monday, August 3, 2015

Kill A Nazi, Save A Life - Anti​-​Nazi Compilation Part 2 (No Lights Tonight Records + Placenta Recordings #309 - 2015) FREE DOWNLOAD

Kill A Nazi, Save A Life - Anti​-​Nazi Compilation Part 2 (No Lights Tonight Records + Placenta Recordings #309 - 2015)

Part 2 of a series of compilations aimed against Nazis. The concept was created by Zachary Ledsinger who asked Placenta to co-release on the 2nd addition... 


A Cellophane Jackal - Homophobe Holocaust (USA) 02:09
Agathocles - Frontal Confrontations (Belgium) 01:40
Changoz! - Lysergic Visions (Paraguay) 01:08
dcnstrctdxTTS - Ganesh Has A Shotgun And Wants His Swastika Back 01:47
Dental Work - Pantera Pot Leaf Rebel Flag T-Shirt Wearin' Motherfucker (USA) 02:30
Extreme Hair Stench - Backward Bell Accent (Australia) 04:45
Fabio Crivellaro - Cultura E Tradizione (Italy) 02:44
Haramjadah - Say NO to Nazism (Malaysia) 01:09
La Capra - Attendi Lo Tsunami (Italy) 04:09
Porraloka - Nao Devemos Permitir Que Nazi-Facistas (Brazil) 02:32
Shitnoise Bastards - Untitled For Anti-Nazi Comp Vol 2 (Malaysia) 00:33
Sid Redlin - Biomedically Yours (USA) 05:12
SxRxTx - Criminal Cops (Colombia) 01:07
TRPZ - Gods In Sainthood (USA) 04:57
Zyklon Zombi - Embodiment 06:40

released 03 August 2015 

Organized by Zachary Ledsinger and Jay Watson for No Lights Tonight Records and Placenta Recordings

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Dental Work - "Anxiety.Addiction.Abuse." (Re-Issue) (Placenta Recordings #308 - 2015) Digital Download/Limited Edition DIY Cassette available now!

Dental Work - "Anxiety. Addiction. Abuse." Re-Issue (Placenta Recordings #308 - 2015)

"Anxiety. Addiction. Abuse." is a reflection on mental illness, homicide, medical fascinations, drug habits, politics, suicide, their relationships to one another and their role in society. This album was originally released on CD-R only via Placenta Recordings in winter of 2009 and was recorded at the now defunct "Birth Canal" and "K-Hole" studios in the desolate woods of northern Michigan.  



1. Abandoned Hospital
2. A Shallow Grave
3. A Dick For Dead Lips
4. Catheter Fetish
5. Crack Pipe Burns (Featuring Morgan Feger)


6. Father Electronics
7. This Is Our Time
8. Sucking Drugs Through An Orange
9. Building 54 (BONUS TRACK)


Dental Work on this release is Jay Paul Watson.

Special Thanks:

My family, Ashley, Rostov On-Don, Melvin Boris Hutz, Placenta Recordings, Ratskin Records, Heidi Johnson.

"Building 54" was constructed using the entire album in winter of 2011 at  Danger Garden in Traverse City, MI. Dedicated to Heidi Johnson (R.I.P.) and the Traverse City State Hospital.

 Available on the re-issue edition ONLY!

"During my first U.S. tour, this was the album I was promoting. I remember sitting in the Razorwire Compound in Oakland, CA with the Ratskin Records crew burning blunts and copies of this before my first ever California performance. This was how I introduced myself to the west coast, and marks the start of many amazing relationships I continue to carry on to this day."

- Jay Watson,
Dental Work

Thursday, July 23, 2015



PR10YAS + MSF6 - July 24 & 25, 2015 - Tangent Gallery - 715 East Milwaukee St. Detroit, MI 48202 (Entrance on Oakland Blvd.)

"Mental Spaghetti Fest brings the weird and the unusual to the forefront. What usually takes place in a basement or a garage has been transported into a popular venue. Open your minds and ears for a colossal event of experimental music." - Sean Barry

Live Performance Schedule:

Friday 7/24/15

Doors @ 7pm /// Music @ 8pm 'til 2am


8:00 - Skellie LaFluer (Detroit, MI)

8:45 - Ex-American (Detroit, MI)

9:15 - Insect Deli (Detroit, MI) 

9:45 - William Sides Atari Party (Chicago, IL)

10:15 - tooth_eye (Chicago, IL)

10:45 - Kkrusty (Chicago, IL)

11:00 - BBQ (Detroit, MI)

11:30 SNESEI (Detroit, MI)

12:00 - EYES (E. Moline, IL)

12:30 - Dental Work (Traverse City/Detroit, MI)

12:45 - Right Eye Rita (Chicago, IL)

1:00 - Styrofoam Sanchez (Oakland, CA)

1:30 - Dangerous Pleasure feat. The Impaler (Detroit, MI)


8:00 - Chamomile Portrait (Onekema, MI)

8:45 - Logan Place (Onekema, MI)

9:30 - Amigo (Flint, MI)

9:45 - Scientific Sunshine (Detroit, MI)

10:15 - Lionghoulman (Detroit, MI)

10:30 - Marital Vows (Detroit, MI)

11:00 - Clyde Moop (Detroit, MI)

11:45 - Methlab Explosion (Lima, OH)

12:00 - Jaws That Bite (Detroit, MI) -

12:30 - Sid Yiddish (Film Screening) (Chicago, IL)

Saturday 7/25/15

Doors @ 4pm /// Music @ 5pm 'til 2:30am


5:00 - Mirror Moon (Detroit, MI)

6:00 - Death Factory (Chicago, IL)

6:30 - Spaceband

7:00 - Blackmail (Detroit, MI)

7:30 - PAS Musique (New York City, NY)

8:00 - Kessenchu (Lansing, MI)

8:30 - Young Munk (Lansing, MI)

9:00 - Watabou (Ann Arbor, MI)

9:15 - Shema (Ann Arbor, MI)

9:45 - Selector Catalogue (Ann Arbor, MI)

10:30 - Marco Skeezy (Detroit, MI)

10:45 - Team Eastside D-Nice (Detroit, MI)

11:00 - Whitey Alabastard (St. Pete, FL)

11:15 - Qixoni (Matawan, NJ)

11:45 - Sid Yiddish (Chicago, IL)

12:00 - musclebaby (Detroit, MI)

12:30 - crochetcatpause (Detroit, MI/Pittsburgh, PA)

1:00 - Eprom Colony (Detroit, MI)

1:30 - FFT (Detroit, MI)

2:00 - Case Managerz (Detroit, MI)


5:00 - soul9499 (Chicago, IL)

5:15 - Boxfort Collective (Lansing, MI)

5:30 - Giant Squid Autopsy (Chicago, IL)

5:45 - Nortmono (Tempe, AZ)

6:15 - Volcano-Themed Bathroom (Sterling Heights, MI)

6:45 - Rektal Prolapze (Lansing, MI)

7:15 - Hideous Replica (Milwaukee, WI)

7:30 - Bookstore (Henderson, KY)

7:45 - Vitriol Guage (Detroit, MI) 

8:30 - Poete Maudit (Detroit, MI)

9:00 - Kevin Summers (Traverse City, MI)

9:15 - Stiverson (Detroit, MI)

9:45 - Meat Dog (Lansing, MI)

10:00 - Transvaginal Mesh (Detroit, MI)

10:30 - DJ Seanni B (Detroit, MI)

11:15 - Walk In Circles (Detroit, MI)

12:00 - Five Star Hotel (Detroit, MI)

12:30 - SKGB (Philadelphia, PA) 

1:00 - Bit Mummy (Pittsburgh, PA)

1:15 - Riku (Detroit, MI)

Special Guest:

Satori Circus (Detroit, MI)




Walk In Circles (Detroit, MI)

Ohhinaifu (Ypsilanti, MI)

Hekkate (Philidelphia, PA)

Doc Colony (Detroit, MI)

Flier Model: Agent Annette Eclair

Flier Photographer: Doc Colony 

Flier: Jay Watson/Ashley Kennedy

Hosted by Jay Watson, Doc Colony, and Sean Barry at the lovely Tangent Gallery - An industrial, minimalist venue with an event room & gallery for visual & performing art exhibitions in the heart of Detroit, MI!!!

Tickets $15 a day OR $20 a day at the door///





Placenta Recordings artists and special guests:


at I\/() I\//-\TI()I\/
1542 N. Milwaukee (2nd floor)
7 dollar donation

Music starts at 8:30 -- music ends at midnight. Please take stock of this...


Vending $30 a day, $15 for a 2nd day///(BYOTable)


Each act performing gets a 1 Up visitor pass for the day of their performance!!!

"Mental Spaghetti Fest started 6 years ago under the influence of mind boggling psychedelic experimentation, and was held in my cousin's backyard in the woods of Northern Michigan. Over the years it quickly developed an infamous reputation as one of the weirdest, open minded, most diverse music festivals in existence. Merging subcultures who traditionally would never mingle has been a main focus of the event, bringing new light on dark corners of obscure music and art. Our goal is to spread diverse alternative music from all corners of the earth. We support International Experimental Music, Noise, Grind, Breakcore, Chiptune, Rap, Alternative, Avant-Garde, Psychedelic, Punk, Hardcore, freedom of speech, expression, individuality, human rights, animal rights, recycling, and the recognition and preservation of indigenous people & culture. If you aren't with us you are against us! Now the festival is combined with the 10 year anniversary of the label Placenta Recordings, who has been responsible for the fest's creation and continuation through a long, hard road and overcoming ridiculous odds adapting to a music industry who is against everything we believe in. We are now a massive family and unstoppable collective dedicated to extreme experimental sounds and visuals over 500 deep. Come celebrate with us! A true exploration of the psyche, with a barrage of the senses approach to life, love, sound, community, and visualizations…" - Jay Watson

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

BOOKWAR - INSECTS LIBERATION FRONT (Placenta Recordings #307 – 2015) out now!!!

BOOKWAR - INSECTS LIBERATION FRONT (Placenta Recordings #307 – 2015)

First and most known studio album, reissued by Placenta with 2 bonus tracks, recorded recently at Moscow gig. 

Being a good poet with strong will to share his words with people Ivan Bookwar started to search musicians to form a band and tried few options, but did not have success. So he decided to play solo. But how - still even after a year of releasing music he doesn't know musical notes! So he chose his own way of making sounds by buying old soviet dusty analog synths and drum machines that are very cheap in Russia as everyone uses Korgs and Yamahas, but not local gems - Polivoxes, Lels and Altairs. This stuff considered to be difficult to operate and create music. So Bookwar started his 1-man-band called "Read ABC-book" in Russian (Bookwar is a phonetic version of word "Bukvar" or ABC-book). Why ABC-book? Because it`s a reminder of soviet childhood and soviet sounds from soviet synths. As Bookwar is not a musician you can here that on I.L.F. - everything is very basic, but honest and straight. Sound is industrial and noisy. Tracks were recorded live with very little rehearsals, as the most important thing here - lyrics! Good russian poems i will describe to you now. 

1. First song is a story about guys with anarchic-eco views who attack a factory that produce powders and chemicals to kill innocent insects. So this a step by step description how they deal with each and every worker and manager of the factory playing a proper game of revenge. "We are insects and you are merely bubbles with teeth!" - last words of the song. 

2.Phylosofical track about time. "Time does not exist as well as authority".What was a thought in time when there was no language? What is fire from the point of view of an insect flying to burn itself out? This kind of phylosophy. 

3. One of the most punkish songs. "It`s good to become seek, to be a living example of a deviation from the norm. As all ordinary people are afraid to come to you, as all lying doctors are shy to talk tp you. So - hepatitis, tuberculosis but all the better - AIDS will help you to remain solid as rock from the very young age". 

4. Festival is a funny punk-reggae about a guy found himself in a village close to rock festival with a big mohawk on his head that is still long and stylish but locals are not happy to see such sort of crap in their place, so beware - "hide your brain under a cap, no matter how rare you are here". 

5. Agressive punkish drum n bass dedicated to suicide of "Russian Banksy" Pasha 183. "Dead are more that alive, be happy when you are sick''. 

6. Another dedication to a dead friend. Dima Lis was a fire-dancer and drug-addict who sliped from cliff in Himalayas few years ago. This is lyrical poem from his point of view. "Finally i left kids and job to become a wanderer. Finally no more doubts. There are spirits and demons all around, i see them, talk with them. You also join me and jump into abyss, it`s a special pride - to live in psychedelic trouble''. 

7. Life of remarkable people is a step by step description of life from birth through kindergarden-school-university-mentalhospital-job-family-grave. 

8. Raweater is epic movie about a raweater`s fight with meateaters. Raweater Sergey finds that all shops use to sell fake veggies made from meat, as meat is more cheap and veggies are more fashionable, so he performs a special action in a Russian White house to convince men in power to start a propaganda of real veggies on TV. Within a short period all the country is converted into veg and now meat becomes more fashionable as it`s more rare. So shops start to make meat from veggies. And here we have - doesn't matter - meat or veg, it`s all veg and healthy now and raw eater is happy. 

9-10. Live unreleased bonus tracks performed by Bookwar at D-Formation fest (noise experimental electronic Moscow gig). Guard is about guard who "guards money of others''. 

All in all - one of the best releases by Bookwar. Proper experimental post-hop played live on analog synths. 

Recorded live in may-june 2014, using solely analog Soviet synthesizers Ritm-2, Altair-231, Polivoks and drum synths Rokton, Lel` UDS, reverberator Lel` RC. 

This is digital reissue. Originally the album was self-released released on LP and tapes in July 2014 

Bookwar – music, synths, noises, box with iron nails, voice, lyrics, photo, except of 
track ‘’Guard’’ – music by Bookwar & Lezuvuzel 
Dmitriy Chernikov – guitar on "Festival", mixing 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 
Damir Askarov (Damirichi) – mixing 1, 8 

Visit -

Friday, July 10, 2015

Nw & Ripit - ADC ϟ DAC (Placenta Recordings #306 - 2015) Free Download!

Nw & Ripit - ADC ϟ DAC (Placenta Recordings #306 - 2015) 

1. Nw & Ripit - ADC ϟ DAC - 01 RIPIT then NW 
2. Nw & Ripit - ADC ϟ DAC - 02 NW then RIPIT 

analog no input vs digital no input 

Recorded in our bedrooms in Brussels (be) & Villers-les-Nancy (fr). 
Between November 2013 and January 2014. 

Mastered By – William Nurdin 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Dental Work & N0123NOISE - A Lost World (Placenta Recordings #304 - 2015)

Dental Work & N0123NOISE - A Lost World  (Placenta Recordings #304 - 2015)

1. Dental Work - Teenage Lobotomy (Ramones cover)
2. N0123NOISE - Run


Dental Work on this release consists of Jay Watson

All sounds (de)constructed via Magix///

Links to Dental Work:

Thanks to Zachary (N0123NOISE), my lady, family, cats, and all of that haters for years of motivation///

N0123NOISE is: Zach L.

All noise was made using Audacity, field recordings from a micro tape player, and a old piano.

Links to N0123NOISE:

Thanks to Jay (Dental Work) for doing another split with me! The first split we did can be found on the No Lights Tonight Records bandcamp for free download!

Front cover art by Zachary Ledsinger